Need a Copy of the 40 Developmental Assets?

These documents are provided, compliments of the Search Institute. Click on the links to download PDF copies of 40 Developmental Assets lists for different developmental stages and in different languages.

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Assets for Different Developmental Stages

40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents – what we term the “original” research

40 Developmental Assets for Early Childhood (ages 3-5)

40 Developmental Assets for Kindergarten Through Third Grade (ages 5-9)

40 Developmental Assets for Middle Childhood (ages 8-12)

Assets in Alternate Languages

Please note, these asset lists were compiled by Healthy Communities, Healthy Youth sites across the United States. They represent volunteer efforts. Assets lists in alternate stages for different developmental levels are not available for every language.

40 Developmental Assets in Spanish – Adolescent Version (ages 12-18)

40 Developmental Assets in Spanish – Kindergarten – Third Grade Version (ages 5-9)

40 Developmental Assets in Spanish – Early Childhood Version (ages 3-5)

40 Developmental Assets in Spanish – Middle Childhood Version (ages 8-12)

40 Developmental Assets in Khmer

40 Developmental Assets in Somali

40 Developmental Assets in Hmong

40 Developmental Assets in Chinese

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