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The 40 Developmental Assets form the foundation for programs offered by Great KIDS. Established by Search Institute in 1990, this framework identifies essential components for youth development and remains one of the most widely cited in the world.

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Great KIDS flagship training is the Annual Conference on Youth. Funded in part by Foellinger Foundation, this event brings together top professionals to empower and train area workers on strengths-based practices. Click below for more detail about upcoming and past conferences.

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The Great KIDS Leader Impact Academy inspires and educates community leaders on youth development to strengthen their own leadership skills and improve the effectiveness of programs within their organizations. Consists of full-day training modules, lectures and a Capstone project.


We believe that all kids can be great kids.

Great KIDS Make Great COMMUNITIES offers training and support (free or low cost) to anyone working with children and adolescents in Allen County. This includes teachers, social workers, mental health professionals, mentors, coaches, parents, foster parents and caregivers, pastors and church workers, volunteers, after-school and summer programs staff, preschool and early childhood staff.


“Great KIDS Make Great COMMUNITIES utilizes Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets and provides regular premier training and support in prevention and early intervention. The court and these organizations look to local funding from Foellinger Foundation and is a positive, strength-based approach. This unique, cutting edge system provides monthly support and ongoing initiatives for evidence-based programming, youth development, technology, restorative justice, human trafficking, addiction and behavioral health.”

– Trauma Audit from the National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges