Youth is a Journey

Building assets in children is not a project or program. It is a journey that should take place during the developmental years (ages 0-20) of all children. Parents are the first and most important asset builders, establishing the moral, academic and community fabrics of a child’s life. From infancy, parents can begin building assets in their children to give them a solid foundation for development.

Some books parents might find helpful in learning how to build assets in their children include:

Parents cannot do this alone. We must join together to build assets for our youth in order to strengthen our community. It’s not about having the perfect youth program or an advanced degree in human services. Building assets is about RELATIONSHIPS. People build assets in youth by developing relationships and having interactions with youth that say “I care.”

Get started today! Read the 40 Developmental Assets. If building assets feels overwhelming, start small. Could you thank the bagger at the grocery store by name and tell them you appreciate her putting your eggs on top of the sack? Could you wave and smile at the children on your block walking to school every day

Ready to take on more? Try reading one of these books on building communities and assets in youth. Great KIDS make Great COMMUNITIES has these and others available for lending in our office.

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