“Dissecting The Strange Shift from Early Childhood to Adolescence” Workshop

Dissecting The Strange Shift from Early Childhood to Adolescence” Workshop with Dr. Annemarie Grassi

June 7, 2019
1:30pm – 3:30pm
Downtown ACPL- Meeting Room AB
900 Library Plaza, Fort Wayne IN 46802

This workshop is offered as a follow-up to Dr. Grassi’s lecture on “Building Big Brains: The Journey From Birth To Adolescence“.
(Attendance of the “Building Big Brains” lecture is recommended but not required to attend this workshop)
So now that you have the larger framework and underpinnings of brain development, let’s spend some time diving into the different physical, psychological, and emotional changes that children endure as they navigate through childhood and adolescence. Ever wonder how kids actually learn? Or why your teenager believes that they are invincible? Come take a deeper dive and join a dialogue on why our kids do what they do!


1. Participants will develop an understanding of developmental theory as it relates to childhood milestones, using Erik Erickson’s
Developmental Framework

2. Participants will gain an understanding of general brain development terminology and an increased understanding of how the brain impacts learning, emotions, decision making, etc.

3. Participants will develop an understanding of how deprived environments and supportive environments impact the brain differently

4. Participants will learn what behaviors we engage in as adults that most greatly impact a child’s brain development


This workshop is limited to 40 participants.
Two (2) CEUs will be offered to participants. Light snacks will be provided. Registration opens at 1:00pm.