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40 Developmental Assets

Learn about the 40 DEVELOPMENTAL ASSETS, as defined by the Search Institute, and ways to build ASSETS in children and adolescents. ASSETS are the positive building blocks that young people need to grow up to be healthy, caring, responsible adults. More is better! The more ASSETS young people have, the more likely they are to engage in positive behaviors and less likely to engage in “risky” behaviors. Learn how to intentionally build ASSETS in kids.


Say Yes to No—Teaching Kids Self-Discipline

Research indicates a strong link between self-discipline and success in life. But what does self-discipline look like and how do we teach it? Based on the book “No: Why Kids of All Ages Need to Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say It” and curriculum designed by Dr. David Walsh, this class addresses setting boundaries and expectations for children and using “NO” to build self-discipline.


Intergenerational Relationships—Building Strengths by Connecting Young People with Adults

Everyone seems to agree that “relationships matter.” But what is it about relationships that matter? Why are some relationships transformative for young people’s development and success, while others seem to have little if any impact? Research shows that the number and intensity of high quality relationships in young people’s lives is linked to a broad range of positive outcomes, including increased student engagement, improved academic motivation, better grades, higher aspirations for the future, civic engagement, more frequent participation in college-preparatory classes and activities, and a variety of other individual outcomes. However, these positive relationships aren’t happening as often as they should. This class will help you identify and provide the caring, supportive, meaningful relationships children and adolescents need.

Great KIDS offers a variety of TRAININGS on selected topics open to the public.


Lending Library

Interested in reading about the 40 Developmental Assets, positive youth development, and strength-based practices?  Great KIDS has a library of books and other resources available for loan.


Great KIDS works to foster supportive relationships between youth serving organizations and partners with local agencies to provide training opportunities to the public.   Here are some recent collaborations between Great KIDS and area agencies/organizations:

  • Great KIDS  and the Allen County Public Library offered training to parents as a part of the Summer Reading Program
  • Great KIDS connected Youth for Christ with Cross Connections to help build an evaluation tool for use by volunteers
  • Great KIDS works with the Mentoring Moments group, helping provide “talking points” to mentors in the City/County Employees Lunch Buddies Program
  • Great KIDS hosted a training led by the Autism Society of Indiana discussing the effects of Autism and Asperger Syndrome
  • Great KIDS partnered with the Allen County Juvenile Firesetters Task Force to provide CEUs for their annual conference
  • Great KIDS connected One Community, a newly developed not-for-profit organization in South Whitley, with Wellspring Interfaith Social Services, a local agency which offers similar services in Fort Wayne’s West Central neighborhood.