Training Opportunities

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Great KIDS offers training on the topics below, as well as other youth related topics, throughout the year.

See our EVENTS page for upcoming dates open to the community.

Contact us today to set up a FREE training for your agency, organization, church, neighborhood association or parent group on one of the following topics:

40 Developmental Assets

Learn about the 40 DEVELOPMENTAL ASSETS, as defined by the Search Institute, and ways to build ASSETS in children and adolescents.  ASSETS are the positive building blocks that young people need to grow up to be healthy, caring, responsible adults.  More is better! The more ASSETS young people have, the more likely they are to engage in positive behaviors and less likely to engage in “risky” behaviors.  Learn how to intentionally build ASSETS in kids.

Assets 101

A workshop designed for those unfamiliar with the 40 Developmental Assets or seeking to improve their knowledge and understanding of the 40 Developmental Assets. Ideal for anyone new to the youth and family services field, and a good review for more seasoned staff members.

Assets 102

A customized workshop designed to help agencies understand and focus on the assets their agency builds in young people.  Designed to encourage and challenge staff to integrate the assets into programming intentionally and effectively.

Say Yes to No—Teaching Kids Self-Discipline

Research indicates a strong link between self-discipline and success in life.  But what does self-discipline look like and how do we teach it?  Based on the book “No: Why Kids of All Ages Need to Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say It,” this class will address setting boundaries and expectations for children and using “NO” to build self-discipline.


Parenting in the Digital Age

Many kids spend more time on “screens” than any other activity (even sleeping!)  Should parents be  concerned?    Using resources from Mind Positive Parenting , this training will include:

  • How MEDIA effects children and families—the GOOD and BAD
  • Recommended Daily Allowance of MEDIA use
  • TV, Movie and Video Game Guidelines—Deciphering the Ratings
  • Social Media challenges
  • Creating “Digital Citizens”


Intergenerational Relationships—Building Strengths by Connecting Young People with Adults

Everyone seems to agree that “relationships matter.” But what is it about relationships that matter? Why are some relationships transformative for young people’s development and success, while others seem to have little if any impact?  Research shows that the number and intensity of high quality relationships in young people’s lives is linked to a broad range of positive outcomes, including increased student engagement, improved academic motivation, better grades, higher aspirations for the future, civic engagement, more frequent participation in college-preparatory classes and activities, and a variety of other individual outcomes. However, these positive relationships aren’t happening as often as they should.  This class will help you identify and provide the caring, supportive, meaningful relationships children and adolescents need.


Other training opportunities:

Mental Health Training Series

The Mental Health Training Series is a luncheon series held five times per year at the Allen County Public Library as a part of the Mental Health Specialty Track of Allen Superior Court.  The training series, a collaboration between Great KIDS make Great COMMUNITIES and Allen Superior Court, Family Relations Division, is offered free of charge and is funded in part by the Court Improvement Project.  These trainings are open to professionals and volunteers working with children and families involved in the court system.

Youth Development Series

Great KIDS offers trainings throughout the year on a variety of youth related topics.  Registration is open to the community and is usually free.

Annual Conference on Youth

The flagship training for Great KIDS make Great COMMUNITIES is the Annual Conference on Youth. The Annual Conference on Youth emerged from Allen Superior Court, Family Relations Division’s desire to ensure that all agencies working with children and families operated with the same strengths-based philosophy the court espoused.

In 1989, the Court offered its first Annual Conference on Youth on IPFW’s campus. Since then, the Conference has grown to over 800 participants, and is currently held at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. This yearly training, sponsored in part by the Foellinger Foundation, brings in top professionals in the field of youth and family services to train area workers on strengths-based practices.