28th Annual Conference on Youth Handouts

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KEYNOTE:  REV. DR. STEVE SCHAVE AND REV. MICAH GLENN  “From Hurt to Hope:  Healing Ferguson”

PowerPoint:  Ferguson-Hope to Hurt–Schave and Glenn



Unto the Third Generation: A Call to End Child Abuse in Three Generations”   Presenter:  Victor Vieth, JD

PowerPoint:  Unto the Third Generation

“Understanding, Recognizing and Responding to the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Impact of Child Maltreatment”  Presenter:  Victor Vieth, JD

PowerPoint:  Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Impact of Maltreatment (Ft. Wayne)

Resource #1:  Ministering to Sex Offenders

Resource #2:  Suffer the Children

Resource #3:  Walther article

“Engaging Families: A Relationship-Based Approach”  Presenter:  Kelly Felton, Search Institute

Resource: 7 shifts worksheet-Felton a.m.

Resource:  DontForgetTheFamilies-family engagement-6 shifts-Felton a.m. 

Resource:   Search Facts Sheet 2017-Felton a.m.

“Preventing Risk Behaviors and Building Resiliency Through the Developmental Assets”  Presenter: Kelly Felton, Search Institute

Resource:  Search Facts Sheet 2017-Felton p.m

Resource:  Insights-ATOD-Brief-03-04-Felton p.m.

Resource:   Principles of Asset Building-Felton p.m.

“Well-Becoming: Supporting Adolescents Transitioning Into Adulthood “  Presenter:  Sue Badeau

Resource:  Indiana Discussion question

Resource:  Indiana Well Being Questions

Resource:  Well-Being_Investment_Agenda copy

“There’s No Place Like Home: Permanency Values Training (PVT)”  Presenter:  Sue Badeau

Resource:  Indiana Wizard of Oz handout

Resource:  Indiana There’s No Place Like Home Workshop

Resource:  Supporting lifelong families_action plan

“Leadership During the Crazy Times:  The Zen of Renewal Through Mindfulness ”  Presenter:  Dave Johnson, PhD

Resource:  2017 Mindful Leader 2 Dave Johnson